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To Trim or Not to Trim??

Every time someone buys a candle from Emmerse, we encourage them to trim their wicks. Although many people don't, it is really important.

As a company that makes wooden and cotton wicks, we always encourage our customers to trim regardless of the wick, but there are some key differences we recommend in the trimming methods. See below:

Cotton Wicks: we have noticed that most people who burn cotton wicks do not trim their wicks. Cotton wicks are more forgiving than wooden wicks when they have not been trimmed, but to get the best performance out of your candle and to eliminate unnecessary smoke, you should trim your cotton wicks. We recommend using a pair of wick trimmers, like our sexy chrome wick trimmers, to trim your wick to 1/4 an inch prior to relighting. At Emmerse, we pre-trim wicks prior to your purchase, so no need to trim our candles on your first burn.

Wooden Wicks: wooden wicks are known for their crackling effect that help people relax. Some people prefer them over cotton wicks, but they must be trimmed. Unlike cotton wicks, we don't recommend you trim them to 1/4 inch. We instruct our customers to trim the wooden wick with your finger to remove the debris from prior burns. We will post a video online regarding our recommended method of trimming wooden wicks.

Overall, the point is to trim your wicks! This will help with scent throw, ensure your candle performs well and help you to eliminate unnecessary smoke when blowing out the candle.

Stay tuned for our instagram tutorials...

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