We are so excited to offer this luxurious cream for our fury friends! As members of the family, we wanted to ensure they have products to help them relax as well. The Emmerse paw cream is made with dog safe ingredients and has a light vanilla scent, which is known to help our fur babies relax.


The Emmerse Paw Cream is formulated with mango butter, hemp butter, shea butter, hemp seed oil and Nourishing paw cream; contains hemp butter, shea butter, mango butter, hemp seed oil and vanilla essenital oil for fragrance.


  • Size: 2oz Container
  • Rose Gold metal container that can be upcycyled.
  • The lid is a screw on lid.


*Place a dime sized amount of paw cream in your hands and rub it on the paws of your fur baby; repeat step if more is needed. Some fur babies may lick their paws because they love the smell, which is normal and safe.

The Paw Collection: Vanilla Paw Cream