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Autumn 10oz Candle.jpg

Autumn is one of our top selling scents overall.  As one of the staple scents of the Fall Line, this blood orange scent quickly captured the hearts and noses of candle lovers.  We can't keep this candle in stock, so if you are lucky enough to grab one, the candle gods must love you.  


Girlz 10oz Candle.jpg

Girlz is our most popular scent, amongst all genders!  This scent sells out fast!  Everyone and we mean ALL of our customers love this scent!  This is a sweet but subtle scent that pleasantly fills the air.  It is sweet enough for those who like sweet smells but not too sweet for those who like subtle scents.  Trust us, you won't be disappointed.



As the pear scent of the Fall Line, Soothing like Autumn is a favorite amongst candle lovers!  People who have a love for Autumn, share a love for Soothing.  This woodsy pear scent can please any pallet and it gives off a relaxing vibe when it burns.  If you purchase this candle in wooden wick, you can relax to its soothing smell and its crackling wick.  Grab this scent before the end of the Fall Season.

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