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Our customers have asked for a fruity scent and we have delivered!  Juicy is the best balance between sour and sweet and is sure to please the sweetest tooth while still being pleasing to everyone else.  Grab juicy today!


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Girlz is our most popular scent, amongst all genders!  This scent sells out fast!  Everyone and we mean ALL of our customers love this scent!  This is a sweet but subtle scent that pleasantly fills the air.  It is sweet enough for those who like sweet smells but not too sweet for those who like subtle scents.  Trust us, you won't be disappointed.



Get ready for a fun scent! Icing reminds us of coconut frosting on our favorite cake.  We created a scent that will have you savoring a sweet desert while being spared all the calories.  Thank us later.

Aromatic Scent Levels


Aromatic Scent Levels

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All Emmerse artisan curated fragrance blends are highly aromatic.  Our soy wax candles are especially curated to throw a scent that creates a spa aroma to help our customers achieve relaxation.

Explore the Emmerse scent level chart to determine which scent is best for you.  We have a scent for everyone, so examine the scent levels and select the candle that best meets your needs.

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