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As the President of Emmerse, I feel so blessed to be able to create The Brave Fund!

As someones who has coped with mental health illness for the majority of my life, I decided that I wanted Emmerse to do our part towards helping people who may also be affected by mental illness. The Brave Fund was established Jan.1, 2024.  A percentage of each purchase will be placed in a fund and donated towards providing resources for those who have mental illness.

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My Story

When I was 15 years old, I started having panic attacks in school but I ignored them not knowing what they were. During high school I was a competitive speaker, impromptu speaking, and while competing in a speech competition I had another panic attack.  This attack couldn't be ignored and my speech coaches called my mom.


After the competition I went to the emergency department of our local hospital and I distinctively remember the physician telling me that I had experienced a panic attack.  I was told that there were two options; be prescribed medicine or just stop being so anxious.  That day changed the course of my life.  I spent the next 10 years hiding the fact that I was dealing with anxiety and thinking that it was something I could just stop.  Finally, in my twenties. I decided to seek professional help.


I am committed to working tirelessly to remove the stigma associated with mental illness and helping to provide resources through the Brave fund is one step towards that goal.   


If you are committed to this work let's connect!


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