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Meet Our President  & Chief Maker

Val Barnett is the President and Chief Maker of Emmerse.  Emmerse was created to help busy adults find time-efficient and easy ways to relax. Emmerse was born from the need of a mental health outlet for our founder, Val Barnett.  Often using candles to help herself relax, Val started to make custom scent blends and hand-made products to help ease her own anxiety and to create high quality products for her friends to enjoy. 

Our Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to provide scented, natural, artisan curated products that make relaxation easy and time-efficient.  Our vision is to aid in creating a world where self-care is involuntary and mental wellness is a top measure of good health.  We are committed to high quality products that are effective, while also being eco-friendly.  When we create products we strive to create a diversity of scent blends and to express innovation with our ingredient choices.

 Ultimately, our goal is to provide relaxation in a jar.   Emmerse started as a candle company and has expanded our product lines to include hand-made bar soaps, mango body butters and lip balms.  All of the product names express how you will feel when you use the product. Emmerse provides products to help the entire family relax.


Eco-Friendly, Artisan Curated, Luxury 

Our products have been designed to use scents to help you create an oasis and reach your desired level of relaxation.  All of our products are repeatedly tested to ensure they are the highest quality. 


Our candles and wax melts are made with 100% US grown soy wax and phthalate and paraben free scents and essential oils.  Our candles come in relaxing wooden wicks and traditional cotton wicks.  We are experimenting with new scent blends daily and we offer varies sizes in our candles. In addition to our year-round signature lines, we offer limited edition seasonal lines of candles and wax melts that capture the essence of the current season.  

In addition to our soy wax products, we also offer all natural bar soaps, mango body butters and we have recently added children's soaps.  Our children's soap is made with all natural ingredients and is made to cater to the sensitive skin of children.  


We are confident that our products will make you and your family feel amazing when you use them. Please explore our reviews on our website and google to hear about the experiences of our customers.


Our goal is your happiness!

Explore our complete list of high quality products and determine which products are best for you! 

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