Naughty is a fun and savory candle made with 100% soy wax.  When buring it, the candle creates a hot chocolate and/or a baked brownies scent.  This chocolate aroma is perfect for those who love the smell of hot chocolate.  


Burning Naughty with family and friends will create a fun festive experience.


Average Burn Times

  • 10oz: 45+ hours
  • 16oz: 95+ hours
  • 26oz: 185+ hours



  • Soy Wax (safe for the environment & safe to inhale)
  • Each candle will be delivered in a candle box



  • Glass jars with chrome or wooden lid



  • Hand-made in small batches with custom, artisan blended scents

Naughty Candle: Spiked Hot Chocolate