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Clear is the first of the Emmerse luxury face soaps. This Turmeric powered face soap is packed with skin loving ingredients aimed at targeting discoloration, clarity, and anti-aging of the skin.


Anti-Aging and Skin Brightening Properties: This handmade formula incorporates the natural anti-aging properties of Tamanu Oil and Moringa Seed Oil. Tamanu Oil has properties that help the skin to make collagen while also helping to reduce scars. Moringa Seed Oil enhances this soap formula with its anti-aging, acne fighting and dark spot reduction properties. In addition to these two amazing oils, the skin brightening, and anti-aging properties of Turmeric Powder further enhances the performance of this soap.


Essential Oils and Clarity: The powerful properties of Peppermint Essential Oil add anti-inflammatory properties to this formula while California Lemon Essential Oil helps to reduce acne and deeply cleanse the pores, while also offering mild exfoliation to this recipe.

*Mandelic Acid (aha exfoliate): this exfoliate naturally derived from almond nuts is geared towards helping to decrease dark spots!


This soap is sulfate, paraben, and coconut oil free.


*Bars colors will vary due to natural soap making process. 4 oz bar

Allergen Notice: If you have a nut allergy please reframe from using this product!

Clear, Face Soap: Lemony Peppermint