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Nice is a 100% soy wax candle that creates an amazing smoky vanilla scent.  This scent makes you feel warm and fuzzy in the most relaxing way.  It fills your space with an aroma that makes you lower your shoulders and take a minute for yourself.


Burning Nice during the Winter season is a great way to emmerse yourself in an smoky seasonally suitable scent.


Average Burn Times

  • 10oz: 45+ hours
  • 16oz: 95+ hours
  • 26oz: 185+ hours



  • Soy Wax (safe for the environment & safe to inhale)
  • Each candle will be delivered in a candle box



  • Glass jars with a wooden lid



  • Hand-made in small batches with custom, artisan blended scents

Nice Candle: Hickory Vanilla